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How to Fix Email Not Working With Outlook is one of the outstanding and top-notch email services configured with MS Outlook email client. You are trying to open your Email to sign-in. Still, you can’t open it because there can be several reasons behind it: poor internet connectivity, the server is not working, entered wrong username and password, etc. MS Outlook is a fabulous email client that is set-up with Bellsouth.Net email to provide supreme services to millions of users. Various troubleshooting procedures are given in this blog to remove this Email Not Working With Outlook issue quickly. To get an instant solution, you must call customer support to fix this problem in Bellsouth.Net email.

Why Email Not Working With Outlook?

Bellsouth.Net email is not working correctly after entering the email id and password. Email is not working because of a few reasons listed below.

  • Poor internet connectivity
  • Server is not working
  • Entered invalid email address and password
  • Incorrect configuration of Bellsouth email account
  • Update the MS Outlook profile details
  • Outdated Windows and browser

What Are Troubleshooting Methods to Fix Email Not Opening With Outlook?

You are trying to login to your Email with Outlook but can’t, and you are experiencing a frustrating situation. Here are a few steps to fix Bellsouth.Net Email not opening.

  1. Reset your email password

If your email is not working with MS Outlook, you can solve this issue by resetting your email password. This problem commonly occurs with some purchased or transferred email accounts, and to solve this issue, you have to visit the Bellsouth official website and reset your password. When an email password is changed, check if the problem exists there. If it is there, then you need to create a secure email key that is used to open MS Outlook. A secure email key is a way to protect your Email from viruses attack and malicious software.

Let’s look at the procedure to create a secure email key.

  • Move to ‘Bellsouth profile page’ and press on the ‘login info’ option
  • Choose the ‘Email’ for which a ‘secure email key’ is going to be created
  • Go to the ‘Secure email keys’ option with a drop-down menu and manage the ‘secure mail keys setting’ option
  • Now choose the option ‘Add Secure email key.’
  • If you wish, create ‘a security code’ with your name to identify it better. It is not mandatory but useful in future.
  • Now, choose ‘Create Secure Email Keys’. Press the button ‘copy secure mail key’ to ‘Clipboard.’
  • Press on ‘Ok’

Just open Outlook and reset your email password with a secure email key. After this, check if the problem is solved or not.

  1. Confirm that Bellsouth Email account is Set-Up Properly

If your email account is not correctly set-up with your Email, the issue is because your account is not configured correctly with MS Outlook. Select your account and make some necessary changes. Add and configure a Bellsouth email account correctly.

If you have implemented the above troubleshooting steps but can’t remove this issue, you must dial Bellsouth Helpline Number to resolve this problem. It is opened round the clock to receive your calls and provide you with immediate solutions.

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Getting Spam Emails in AOL Email Account

Spam mails are a threat to your private or professional email accounts in AOL. Suppose you are using your AOL email with proper security software like Antivirus to prevent any malware or virus attacks, but getting spam emails in AOL are  also harmful to your privacy and other essential information. Unwanted emails may disrupt your inbox and direct you to some other unknown links of no use.

Here, you will get the information about preventing unwanted emails from reaching in your AOL inbox. You can add unknown emails to a list of blocked senders and also mark spam flags so that it will automatically reach your AOL spam folders. There are also other ways to block spam emails but a quick and fast blocking pattern you will get by calling AOL Helpline Number. A technical expert will tell you about the exact solution to be away with spam mails as soon as you call. It is available to take up your calls all round the clock 24/7 hours.

How to Prevent Yourself From Getting Spam-Mails In AOL Email Account in A Web Browser?

  • Open AOL browser and press at the ‘Options’ in the upper-right hand corner just below your email address.
  • With a drop-down menu, select ‘Mail Settings’
  • Click ‘Block Senders’ options available on the mail settings page
  • Enter the ‘Email Address’ you wish to block and press ‘Enter’ or ‘Return’ or click at ‘+’ option available on the right of the email address. Repeat the process to block other email addresses
  • Press the ‘Save Settings’ option once the process is completed.

This process is for opening an AOL email account in the web browser while for the Mobile app, move to the next step.

Steps to Block Email Addresses in a Mobile App?

  • Open AOL app in your mobile and press at a spam email you wish to ban it from reaching your account.
  • Press at ‘Three-Dot Menu’ mentioned on the bottom-right of your mobile screen and tap the ‘Mark as Spam’ option available in it.
  • Follow the same procedure again if you want to block any other email addresses
  • If you have selected an email ‘Mark as Spam’, the same sender’s email will be automatically deleted in the future.

The above steps will prevent you from Getting Spam Emails in AOL Email Account. In any case, if you can’t understand the above method, you must dial customer care to block these emails from entering your account. The customer care is opened all the time to provide you with better assistance and support. You can call anytime to discuss your issues related to spam emails in your AOL email account.

You should never tap on any unknown emails reached to your AOL inbox because it might be a virus or malware that could steal your all vital and private documents and damage your AOL email account. Without any confirmation, never enter your important details like email address, password, mobile number or any other personal or professional information in it. It can be so dangerous to open these spam emails. You must delete it as soon as you receive it in your AOL inbox.

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How to Resolve Comcast IMAP Server Not Responding

The server is a secured and immense storehouse for all websites, apps, and software. It is defined as a computer or system that provides information, services, resources, programs, and data to other systems called clients over a network. A computer or system can be both a server and a client over a network like a local area network or a wide area network. Various types of servers are available as storehouses for websites, files, emails,  and software.

Comcast Email is also stored in an email server like Comcast IMAP server that may have issues because of a few unwanted reasons. Some troubleshooting steps are playing an essential role in removing Comcast IMAP server issues. You can also take the support of a technical expert by calling Comcast Helpline Number to remove all problems related to Comcast IMAP Server. It is available all the time 24/7 hours in a week and 365 days in a year to take up your calls.

What Are The Methods To Fix Comcast IMAP Server Not Responding Error?

Incorrect email settings lead to invalid configuration to a server that may cause it to stop responding. The following steps discussed below will help you in removing the issue from Comcast IMAP server.

Method – 1

  • Configure the Comcast email settings by opening ‘Outlook’ email.
  • Locate the ‘Tools’ menu and press at the ‘Accounts’ option.
  • In the account window, click at the ‘plus’ sign to add a new account at the left-corner.
  • Choose the right Comcast email account already added and check the server information.
  • After selecting your newly added account, enter your ‘Email Address’ and choose the ‘Continue’ option.
  • From the option IMAP/POP, select IMAP mentioned in the ‘Type’ option and enter your ‘Email Address’ and ‘Password’.
  • Also, enter the full server information given below.

Incoming Server:

Port Number: 993

Use SSL: Yes

Outgoing Server:

Port Number: 465

Use SSL: Yes

  • After filling-up, the above details, press ‘Add Account’ and next, choose ‘Done’ to finish the mail settings.

Method – 2

  • Make sure that internet connectivity on a device in which Comcast mail opened is strong and stable.
  • A low internet can also be an issue for Comcast Mail not responding because a server takes a long time to load the desired email page or window.

Method – 3

The emails can be deleted while changing or modifying IMAP server settings with old POP settings from the mail server. To avoid this, you have to follow two below points.

  • Create a new folder when you have decided to modify IMAP server settings.
  • Move the essential emails to a new folder and modify the incoming settings to IMAP server settings.

Method – 4

  • The device at which you have added your email account may face technical issues. To ensure correct mail settings on a device in which your email account is added, you must sign out or log out your Comcast email from that device.
  • Restart the system and after some time, again open your email with valid login credentials, if everything is fine, i.e. mail settings are correct, and email is signed-in. So, no need to take troubleshooting steps.

Suppose, after restarting your device or computer, if Comcast email is not responding, then you must dial Comcast Customer Service Number to fix this issue. The technical team is available to attend your calls all the time.

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6 Steps to Reset SBCGlobal Mail Password

Resetting the forgotten SBCGlobal email password and resetting the known email password are two different things. Here in the blog, you will find a solution for both these issues and learn steps for resetting the SBCGlobal email password. However, you can even take experts’ help while resetting the password by calling SBCGlobal Customer Service Number that is available 24*7 around the clock.

How to Reset Forgotten SBCGlobal Email Password?

If you use multiple email accounts, then forgetting the email password is sometimes inevitable. However, if you forget your SBCGlobal email password you can refer to the steps mentioned below to reset it:

  1. Go to the login page of SBCGlobal email
  2. Select the option that reads, “Forgot password.”
  3. Type your SBCGlobal email address to verify your account.
  4. Enter the recover email address for receiving the password reset link.
  5. Check your recovery email for the reset link and then click on it.
  6. Follow the prompts and create a new email password.

You can also call the SBCGlobal support number and ask for additional technical assistance to reset your SBCGlobal email password.

How to Create a Strong Email Password for SBCGlobal?

Creating a strong email password is your first step when it comes to protecting your SBCGlobal email account from hackers. While resetting your SBCGlobal email password, you can create a strong password for your account by following these tips:

  • Create an SBCGlobal password that has a minimum of 12 characters
  • Use different symbols and number in your password
  • Do not use personal names as your password
  • Using an upper-case and lower-case letter to improves password strength

If you have trouble creating a new password for your SBCGlobal account, you can always seek help from experts.

How to Reset Known SBCGlobal Email Password?

Changing your email password regularly is an excellent way to improve your account’s security and reduce hackers’ threat. You can refer the steps given below to change your SBCGlobal email password:

  • Open your browser and visit the SBCGlobal login page
  • Enter your login credential to get into your field.
  • Open the Account information, then Manage Password and Security
  • In the Online Account Management screen, you need to enter the current password and then the new SBCGlobal password
  • Enter the same password for conformation and then save the changes.

Keep in mind that the step mentioned above will only work if you know your account’s details. In case you forgot the details you can call the SBCGlobal Support Number and ask for additional assistance for resetting your SBCGlobal email password and securing your account.


How to Delete a Folder in Yahoo Mail

In Yahoo just like every other email has a folder option so that you can distribute your email accordingly. By arranging the emails folder wise will help you in searching the particular effortlessly. If you don’t know how to delete the email folder, you can read this blog or call Yahoo Support Number to get the email experts’ required help.

Steps to Delete a Yahoo Mail Folder

Yahoo emails will not let you delete those folders that aren’t empty, so you first have to delete or move all the emails out of the folder. To remove a custom folder from your Yahoo! Mail, you can perform the following steps:

  • Open the email folder that you want to delete.
  • Click on the option Select All present at the top of the inbox to highlight each message in that particular folder.
  • Then move to the main toolbar and then select Delete, Move, or Archive option to empty that folder.
  • When the folder gets empty, you can select the dropdown arrow next to the folder name and choose the Delete folder.

Steps to Delete Folders by Using Yahoo Email IMAP

You can even delete the Yahoo folders by using IMAP. You can have those emails removed from Yahoo Mail on the web and other email programs connected to the account via IMAP. To delete folders by using Yahoo! Mail IMAP, you can follow below-mentioned steps:

  • Right-click on the folder that you want to delete.
  • Now, select the Deleteoption from the menu.

Steps to Delete a Folder in Yahoo Mail Basic

For deleting a custom folder from your Yahoo email account by using the Yahoo Mail Basic, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Open the folder that you want to delete in the Yahoo Mail Basic.
  • Move the messages to the new folder that you want to keep.
  • From the folder list, select the Edit option that is present next to My Folders.
  • Under My Folders folder, you need to select Delete option next to the folder you like to remove.

If the folder is not deleted, you can reach out to professionals by calling Yahoo Customer Service Number at all 24 hours. The experts will guide you in removing the folder from your email you don’t want to keep.

How to Fix SSL Error in SBCGlobal Mail

If SSL error is repeated in SBCGlobal Mail, then instead of moving around, easily follow the steps to troubleshoot this error permanently. SBCGlobal Email is the most advanced and popular email service for people working in offices or homes. Before moving to solve, you should know about the cause behind SSL error in SBCGlobal Mail. Below are the mentioned reasons behind the occurrence of this error.  You can attach to SBCGlobal Support Number to troubleshoot SSL Error.

Why does SSL Error Appear on the SBCGlobal Account?

SSL Error occurs in SBCGlobal Email because of the following reasons.

  • Incorrect Date and Time
  • Antivirus Software
  • Old SSL Certificate

What Do You Know About SSL?

If you are trying to open SBCGlobal Email and it starts opening but shows a message ‘SSL Error’. You will also see the notice “Feature Not Available’ on your computer screen. No problem from whatever device you are trying to open it, SSL error will not allow access to that particular device. Navigate the red colour text available at the left-hand side of URL. Few are general steps to prevent this problem from occurring in SBCGlobal Email.

  • Move SMTP settings of your Email, click at SSL to activate it. If you are recommending Outlook or any other configuration with SBCGlobal Email, then go to SMTP settings of Outlook and toggle to activate SSL.
  • If the SSL option is not available at SBCGlobal, change your Email’s SSL method from 465 to 587.

What Are The Methods to Fix SSL Errors in SBCGlobal Email?

If you have encountered SSL error while opening the SBCGlobal Email account, follow the below methods to fix this issue.

  • Open the browser that is having problem
  • Click at the ‘Menu’ option from the top edge of your browser and move to Settings after putting the flag menu down
  • Click at the Advanced Settings from the homepage and check about the Content Settings under privacy and personal mode
  • Move to Cookies and be sure that the Data set option is activated on it. It will also enable first and third-party cookies in the browser
  • Once it has been completed, then move to ‘Done’ to save the particular settings.

If the issue is large, then check the specific error you are facing on your system.

Error 1 SSL Certificate Expired

If you put the URL of your website to open and the browser is showing an error and not open your website, you can fix this error by installing SSL Certificates at your website.

Error 2 SSL Certificate is Mismatched

Putting the wrong DNS name and mistyping incomplete domain or hostname will result in this Error 2. You can avoid this error by calling SBCGlobal Support Number to troubleshoot this error. It is available all the time for your support and better assistance to remove this error. One of the technical executives will assist you on call to troubleshoot this error. You can remove this error by following all steps one by one to fix this error.

How to Recover Yahoo Email Password

Your Yahoo email password is the most critical security feature that will protect your account and keep your emails private. But in today’s age, people are using so many accounts and passwords to keep track of all their emails. It will not be a surprise if you blank out one day and are asked to enter your Yahoo email password. But you don’t remember the password, at that time don’t worry as Yahoo offers you two ways to verify your email accounts to reset your password. If you have trouble with the password verification methods, you can contact Yahoo Customer Service for more information.

Whenever you forget your Yahoo email password, you can visit the Yahoo homepage and enter your email address and click on the option of ‘Forgot password’. Depending on the contact and profile information linked with your account, Yahoo will give you two ways to verify your identity and then reset the password. Just choose the most convenient way for you and follow the steps given below.

Reset Yahoo Password Using Recovery Phone Number

  • Go to the Yahoo forgot password page and then enter your username.
  • Now, enter the phone number registered with your Yahoo email account.
  • Click ‘Yes’ to allow Yahoo to send you a verification code.
  • Enter the Yahoo verification code sent to you via SMS or call
  • Submit the reset code and wait for the confirmation
  • When you see the success message complete the steps to create a new password for your Yahoo email

Reset Yahoo Password Using Recovery Email Address

  • Click on the Forgot password link in Yahoo login page.
  • Go to the message that says “Do you have access to this email?”
  • Check the email ID so Yahoo can send you a verification code.
  • Open a new tab to access your recovery email registered with Yahoo.
  • Go to the inbox and look for a mail from Yahoo that has your code.
  • Go back to the Yahoo verification page and enter the code.
  • When you receive confirmation that the code is correct to complete the subsequent instructions to reset your Yahoo password

You should ensure all security information is updated on your Yahoo email account because of the constant identity theft. If you notice any unauthorised logins on your Yahoo Mail, it indicates that your email is compromised. In these situations, you should contact Yahoo Support Number as soon as possible to find out what to do to secure your email account. Yahoo experts are available 24*7 to give you all the necessary steps you need to reset your password.

How to Install A Wireless Hp Printer On Mac Os

Hp Printer is one of the efficient and popular Printers among most of the users. The quick and detailed solution will give you an idea of installing it with the Mac Operating System. You can search for the best available Printer on Mac Operating System by opening HP official website. Once you install a driver you can use most of the HP printers with MaC. If you are encountering any difficulty, you can contact HP Printer helpline number to fix this issue. It is available for all the time to solve any problem related to HP Printer Installation.

What Are The Procedures To Install HP Printer On Mac?

  • For installing HP Printers on Mac, you have to use the printer update software and install it before installing HP Printer. Switch on your Printer and connect it with your computer via USB cable or WI-Fi network available. Put the HP driver using the Apple Software update.
  • You can download the driver automatically using Apple Software. Use the latest version only, and you can also download it by visiting the Apple official website. Move to the Apple Menu and click at System Preferences and then click at Print & Scan. The options may differ according to the Operating System.
  • Make sure that Printer Name is listed on the Printers list. If it is available, then remove once and re-add it again. Confirm that connection is established well and the printer driver is installed. Just click at printer option available in the printers list and click on the minus (-) button to remove it and the plus (+) button to again re-add your HP Printer back again.
  • If you cannot find the Printer in Printer’s list, click on Add Printer or Scanner. If you will not add Printer on Mac, then check your USB connection and reconnect it again. If you are Wireless Connection, then see if both the devices are connected or not.
  • Now, you are trying to add your Printer on Mac again, then select Use or Print through going to the Menu option and check and choose your Printer’s Name. If Mac gives you a message on screen to install the software, then download and install it.
  • If your system shows that Apple Driver is currently unavailable, then download and install it manually by going to the official website and closing the System Preferences window. After installing it, try to get a print or scan using HP Printer at your Mac Computer.
  • We suggest installing a full-featured Apple software on the Mac Operating System by visiting its official website. Check its installation by taking out a print or scan from your wireless HP Printer.

If there is an error in installing Wireless Printer on Mac, you should connect with HP Printer Customer Service to troubleshoot it quickly. You can take the service for HP Printer installation in any of your convenient schedules. It is available in favour of you all the time.

How to Setup and Configure a New HP Printer

You can set up your HP Printer in a computer and establish configuration with printer drivers that function the printing and scanning job. These are built-in printer drivers at the computer. HP Printer is used to print or scan any text or scan at A4 size paper. You can install the printer by following some steps discussed below. If you face any difficulty installing and configuring, then call HP Printer Customer Service to fix any error related to it.

Method – 1

Make sure your computer has downloaded HP Printer Driver software.

  • In Windows, search and click at ‘windows driver installation settings.’
  • After then, select ‘Yes’ and then click ‘Save Changes’ option

Note – Sometimes your printer driver software is not updated, then move to ‘Settings’ and then click to ‘Windows Update’ and then click at ‘View Optional Updates’ and then at the list your driver follows the on-screen instructions to update it.

Method – 2

It would be best if you have connected the printer to your computer before the driver installation process.

  • Connect your computer to the USB cable of the printer. Confirm that the computer is turned on and connected to the internet.
  • Turn on the printer and connect the USB cable to the printer port and then to the computer.

You can’t connect the computer after making a proper USB and Internet connection, then go to the next step

Method – 3

Connect the printer to your network with a wireless setup wizard or Wired Connection. First, you can go with connecting your printer to the wireless setup Wizard.

  • Gather few items like Network Name (SSID), Network Security Password (WEP key or WPA passphrase), A computer connected to a wireless network, your wireless cable connected to the printer placed close to your computer during installation
  • Make sure the printer, router and computer is turned on
  • Confirm that computer and printer are connected to the same wireless connection
  • Disconnect and USB or Ethernet from your printer
  • On the printer control panel, touch up the Setup, Network or Wireless options
  • Then, touch the Wireless Set-Up Wizard, and then follow the on-screen instructions to connect the printer.

If it is not connected, move to the second step and connect the printer with Wi-Fi Protected Set-Up. Use the Wi-Fi Set-up to connect the printer

  • Move to the Printer Control Panel, press and hold the Wireless Button
  • Release the button when the wireless light starts blinking
  • Within two minutes, press and release the WPS button on your Wireless Router
  • Wait-Up for two minutes when printer and router establish a network connection

Method – 4

You can connect the printer and computer to the router with a wired Ethernet Cable.

  • Confirm that you have a network router with an Ethernet Cable
  • Also, confirm that your computer is connected to the router
  • Take an ethernet cable and not a standard cable
  • Start the HP Printer
  • Remove USB from the printer port
  • Put the Ethernet cable to the printer and router port.

Method – 5

  • Install Printer driver to your computer with the help of USB connection and Wireless or Wired Network Connection
  • In Windows, search and open ‘Control Panel.’
  • Then, click at ‘Devices and Printers’ and then, click at “Add A Printer.’
  • Choose the existing printer or device to add and then click at the ‘Next’ option
  • Select the port like USB001 used by the Printer port
  • Then, move and press at ‘Next’ and then, click at ‘Windows Update’ and wait for windows and print driver to update
  • Then, select manufacture name HP from the pane, click ‘Next’ to follow the on-screen instructions to install the driver.
  • Confirm that the print driver is installed to your printer if it is started printing.

If HP Printer is not connected, then move to HP Printer Support to click it step-by-step.