fix ssl error in sbcglobal mail

How to Fix SSL Error in SBCGlobal Mail

If SSL error is repeated in SBCGlobal Mail, then instead of moving around, easily follow the steps to troubleshoot this error permanently. SBCGlobal Email is the most advanced and popular email service for people working in offices or homes. Before moving to solve, you should know about the cause behind SSL error in SBCGlobal Mail. Below are the mentioned reasons behind the occurrence of this error.  You can attach to SBCGlobal Support Number to troubleshoot SSL Error.

Why does SSL Error Appear on the SBCGlobal Account?

SSL Error occurs in SBCGlobal Email because of the following reasons.

  • Incorrect Date and Time
  • Antivirus Software
  • Old SSL Certificate

What Do You Know About SSL?

If you are trying to open SBCGlobal Email and it starts opening but shows a message ‘SSL Error’. You will also see the notice “Feature Not Available’ on your computer screen. No problem from whatever device you are trying to open it, SSL error will not allow access to that particular device. Navigate the red colour text available at the left-hand side of URL. Few are general steps to prevent this problem from occurring in SBCGlobal Email.

  • Move SMTP settings of your Email, click at SSL to activate it. If you are recommending Outlook or any other configuration with SBCGlobal Email, then go to SMTP settings of Outlook and toggle to activate SSL.
  • If the SSL option is not available at SBCGlobal, change your Email’s SSL method from 465 to 587.

What Are The Methods to Fix SSL Errors in SBCGlobal Email?

If you have encountered SSL error while opening the SBCGlobal Email account, follow the below methods to fix this issue.

  • Open the browser that is having problem
  • Click at the ‘Menu’ option from the top edge of your browser and move to Settings after putting the flag menu down
  • Click at the Advanced Settings from the homepage and check about the Content Settings under privacy and personal mode
  • Move to Cookies and be sure that the Data set option is activated on it. It will also enable first and third-party cookies in the browser
  • Once it has been completed, then move to ‘Done’ to save the particular settings.

If the issue is large, then check the specific error you are facing on your system.

Error 1 SSL Certificate Expired

If you put the URL of your website to open and the browser is showing an error and not open your website, you can fix this error by installing SSL Certificates at your website.

Error 2 SSL Certificate is Mismatched

Putting the wrong DNS name and mistyping incomplete domain or hostname will result in this Error 2. You can avoid this error by calling SBCGlobal Support Number to troubleshoot this error. It is available all the time for your support and better assistance to remove this error. One of the technical executives will assist you on call to troubleshoot this error. You can remove this error by following all steps one by one to fix this error.