install a wireless hp printer on mac os

How to Install A Wireless Hp Printer On Mac Os

Hp Printer is one of the efficient and popular Printers among most of the users. The quick and detailed solution will give you an idea of installing it with the Mac Operating System. You can search for the best available Printer on Mac Operating System by opening HP official website. Once you install a driver you can use most of the HP printers with MaC. If you are encountering any difficulty, you can contact HP Printer helpline number to fix this issue. It is available for all the time to solve any problem related to HP Printer Installation.

What Are The Procedures To Install HP Printer On Mac?

  • For installing HP Printers on Mac, you have to use the printer update software and install it before installing HP Printer. Switch on your Printer and connect it with your computer via USB cable or WI-Fi network available. Put the HP driver using the Apple Software update.
  • You can download the driver automatically using Apple Software. Use the latest version only, and you can also download it by visiting the Apple official website. Move to the Apple Menu and click at System Preferences and then click at Print & Scan. The options may differ according to the Operating System.
  • Make sure that Printer Name is listed on the Printers list. If it is available, then remove once and re-add it again. Confirm that connection is established well and the printer driver is installed. Just click at printer option available in the printers list and click on the minus (-) button to remove it and the plus (+) button to again re-add your HP Printer back again.
  • If you cannot find the Printer in Printer’s list, click on Add Printer or Scanner. If you will not add Printer on Mac, then check your USB connection and reconnect it again. If you are Wireless Connection, then see if both the devices are connected or not.
  • Now, you are trying to add your Printer on Mac again, then select Use or Print through going to the Menu option and check and choose your Printer’s Name. If Mac gives you a message on screen to install the software, then download and install it.
  • If your system shows that Apple Driver is currently unavailable, then download and install it manually by going to the official website and closing the System Preferences window. After installing it, try to get a print or scan using HP Printer at your Mac Computer.
  • We suggest installing a full-featured Apple software on the Mac Operating System by visiting its official website. Check its installation by taking out a print or scan from your wireless HP Printer.

If there is an error in installing Wireless Printer on Mac, you should connect with HP Printer Customer Service to troubleshoot it quickly. You can take the service for HP Printer installation in any of your convenient schedules. It is available in favour of you all the time.