install mcafee total protection on windows 10

How to Install McAfee Total Protection on Windows 10

McAfee is one of the most popular computer security software companies in the world. Millions of users worldwide use McAfee antivirus to protect their devices be it computer, laptops and smartphone from malware and other malicious online content. You can call the McAfee Support number and speak to experts to seek their help in knowing which McAfee product is compatible with your system. If you want to install McAfee Total Protection in your Windows 10, you need to make sure your system is fulfilling the system requirement. If your Windows is not fulfilling the requirement, then you need to work on that first. The installation of McAfee Total Protection software depends on the device you use and the operating system. This blog will tell you the steps that you need to follow if you want to install McAfee Total Protection on your Windows 10 device.

Steps to install McAfee Total Protection in Windows 10

  • Open the McAfee website using the link ‘‘. Go to ‘My Account’ and sign in using the email address for your McAfee account and your McAfee password.
  • To start installing the McAfee Total Protection software, you will need to enter the device you want to install the software on and search for the McAfee Total Protection for installing it.
  • You can read the McAfee Total Protection License Agreement and then click on ‘Agree’. Once you have agreed to the given conditions, you can then click on ‘Download’ and proceed with further installing McAfee software.
  • You should note the serial number shown on the screen since it may be required later on. If you wish, you can keep the browser window with the serial number open to remain visible.
  • Once the download of McAfee Total Protection is complete, you need to open the ‘Downloads’ folder and search for the file. Double-click on the McAfee Total Protection file and follow the onscreen’s instructions to continue with the installation process.

Steps to use the McAfee Pre-Install tool

If you find that the installation is incomplete or fails for any reason, then you can refer to the steps given below to run the Pre-Install tool and fix the problem:

  • You need to visit the official McAfee website and download the Pre-Install tool
  • Save the McAfee setup file to a temporary location,
  • Go to the desktop and double-click the ‘Pre-Install_Tool.exe.’ file
  • When the warning message pops up on your screen click ‘Ok’ and then runs the tool
  • When the Pre-Install tool has finished scanning your PC, you have to click ‘Ok.’
  • Restart your system and try and install McAfee Total Protection from scratch

If you witness a problem while installing McAfee Total Protection on your Windows 10 device, you should call the McAfee customer service number to speak with experts. You can ask for additional technical assistance to check if any compatibility issues prevent the smooth installation of McAfee Total Protection.