norton error activation key not recognized

Norton Error – Activation Key Not Recognized

Sometimes, you go to activate Norton, but the activation key is not recognized. You have to type the product key once more and then, cross-check it for right or wrong. Norton Utility Premium key always given with case-sensitive characters. Pay attention while ordering the activation key to start Norton Software. Norton Utilities Premium Key is not matched with Norton Protection software, and both are different keys. If you wish to have added benefits, then tap for automatic update of Norton Utility Premium.

What are the Reasons Behind Norton Activation Typing Error?

The error takes place when you go to type Activation Key to access Norton Software. It is a human error, but with an attentive way, you can remove this error. The mistakes happen because these are part of your work, but repetitive errors should be eliminated by knowing about the good causes. Read all these points carefully.

  • Spaces between keywords can be the main issue behind this error.
  • Please confirm that you have entered Norton Software license information or not, if it is not entered then re-enter it. License information is separate between Norton Software products
  • If the same message is appearing on your screen about Invalid License Information, then check numbers like 0 (zero) is occurring like letter o
  • Do a double-check of typing characters as ‘o’ in lowercase and ‘O’ in uppercase, ‘I’ in upper case and ‘i’ in lower case

If not, check that it is eradicated or not, then go with Norton Customer Service number to fix this issue. It has become important to know the probable cause behind this error. You can easily solve the problem that occurred while activating Norton Antivirus Software.

Steps to Activate Norton Utilities Premium

If you get the message Activation Key is not recognized’, you have to follow steps to activate Norton software.

  • Click on Norton and sign-in to your account
  • My Subscription page appears, and the activation key is available in it
  • Write down the Activation Key
  • Notion is started
  • Now click at Activate in Norton window
  • Type the Activation Key and click on Activate Now
  • Check for the message displayed on the screen or not.

What Can Be Other Reasons Behind Activation Key Error?

There are also some other reasons behind this error.

  • Corrupted Files available in App and Showing Error
  • Runtime issues in a Norton App
  • Computer in which Norton is installed have viruses
  • Error is related to lower specification than software installation error and preference is not given

Follow Below Steps To Remove This Activation Key Error in Norton

You will get this error sorted out by below steps one by one.

  • Amend the registry files of your computer by running WinThruster It will automatically work on updating the system or device.
  • Clean or remove the full malware of the system
  • Delete junk and corrupted files from Recycle Bin
  • Just download the updated version of windows and drivers to your system
  • Now go a step ahead and install updated Norton Software with its activation key
  • Remove typing error and don’t repeat it again and again

Just go to Norton App and open it again if the same error message ‘Activation Key Not Recognized’ is displayed, then forward it to Norton Support to fix this error.